Help Destiny House Prepare to Step into the Impossible

by Jennifer A. Miskov, PhD

There is something about going up higher to see the world from a different perspective that I’ve always been drawn to. Being on high places somehow pulls me out of the grind of the busy world and let’s me see how small I really am and how great God really is. It always helps me put life and my priorities in perspective. Climbing to Mount Lassen with some great people last summer was one of the highlights of my year. Since that time, some of us had talked about doing Shasta next. For one year, I have had a post card of Mount Shasta up in the mirror in my bathroom, dreaming about this impossibility. This Friday, I have the opportunity to be guided up to the top of an even bigger peak, Mount Shasta, by our resident Alaskan, Erik, along with some of the other Destiny House family. It can only be described as a dream coming true.

At 14,179 feet high, Mount Shasta is the 5th highest peak in California with steep elevation gains of over 7,000 feet. It will take us anywhere from 9-11 hours to make it to the summit and we are beginning the climb around 10pm Friday night. It will take around 4 hours to come down the mountain with the total being 11.5 miles round trip. This is a personal dream and something I feel will be significant for me personally as I prepare to launch my upcoming book Walking on Water on Oct. 3 and prepare for a new season of where God is leading.

Because going after this impossibility in my personal life also reflects some of the impossibilities we are going after as a house at Destiny House, I wanted to take this time to invite our extended friends and family to partner with helping our non-profit take it to the next level. We have been running solid at Destiny House for over 5 years now and we believe that God is leading us into more this next season and also expansion. We did our 1st international Destiny House ministry trip to Thailand over the summer, which was so powerful as well as celebrated our 5-year anniversary and graduated 21 more ladies. We have great momentum during this time for our movement.

In this new season, we are launching our 1st official guys Destiny House as well as a couple potential alumni houses. We are dreaming of multiplying our movement to build the 5,000-year vision including more ministry and mission’s trips and possibly even a Destiny House conference. As we dream about growing wide, we also want to make sure our foundations and structures are deep enough to hold us. There are a few things that we feel will help us shift into this new season that we would love for you to pray about partnering in by sponsoring the climb.


Creating Infrastructure to Steward Finances

1. We would like to bring Kim Fisher from Vision Catalyst onto our team. After 5 years of personally struggling to try and manage all the finances and create good accountability in the midst of everything else I’ve been carrying, we have outgrown that stage and really want to steward our finances and supporters better as we grow into the future season. We feel that we really need Kim on our team to be able to move into more of the fullness of what God is calling us into as a movement. Kim is full of the Holy Spirit, comes from a Vineyard background (like me!) and also has over 30 years experience in non-profits and fundraising. She is also a close friend with our board member. She is not only going to be able to help us create an infrastructure to steward our finances well but also help us with strategy, fundraising, and becoming more sustainable as we continue to pioneer into new territories.

The cost to have her help and be accessible to us for a whole year comes out to only around $7,000-8,500 because she is giving us a special discount. This includes but is not limited to:

·      Getting us set up on Quickbooks

·      Processing and mailing annual receipts (report to donors)

·      Budget planning

·      Running our year-to-date Profit & Loss Statement (P&L) and Balance Sheet

·      Documenting our donations and expenses

·      Reconciling bank statements

·      Monthly accounting

·      Developing a fundraising strategy and helping implement it

·      Professional consulting as we dream for the future

When we met as a core team over the summer, this was one of the priorities we felt we needed to go after so that we could make sure to be a non-profit of integrity and steward the wealth that God wants to pass through our hands for His kingdom. We feel that Kim is the perfect fit for us now.


Making a Way for our Leaders to Continue to Serve at Destiny House

2. We also have two Germans who are very special to me personally and to our Destiny House family and movement. Elisa Froehlig and Katharina Welt have been with me and Destiny House for over 3 and 4 years now. When Elisa first came, she had never led worship. She has since become a worship pastor and now raises up other worship leaders as well as has helped carry and grown the movement in a significant way for which I am super grateful. Katharina had not stepped out to dance in worship before until she came to Destiny House 3 years ago. She has since stepped out to release healing and miracles over many through her prophetic dance. She has also developed into a great dance pastor, creating a safe place for others in our community to step out and dance where once before they were afraid. You can see a video testimony Bethel published of how one woman was healed when Kat danced around her Here. See also video below about Kat's dream to return:

These two women have been faithful to me and the movement of Destiny House for a great part of our early development and they each have a dream to come back and run with us full time starting in the fall. For this to happen, we need sponsors to help us get them a Religious workers Visa. The cost for this is $1645 per person for a total of $3290 to get them both over here. Katharina also needs to raise $633 more per month from the $1400/month goal to be able to qualify for her visa and prove that she can be here. If you would like to be a part monthly sponsoring her, please contact her at Destiny House wouldn’t be what it is today without these two and all that they have invested into the community.  Please consider helping get them back here so we can continue building and multiplying our vision of leading people into life changing encounters with Jesus and planting 5,000 worshiping communities around the world.


Stewarding the House

3. As you know, each year we have been working hard to upgrade the house to make it more welcoming and feel like home for the girls. We have gotten new mattresses, furniture, kitchen utensils, as well as we have painted some of the rooms to make it feel lighter and more like home. The owner Brad even recently painted the stairs silver and the porch gold from a dream he had over 5 years ago to go along with our vision from silver to gold. There are some practical upgrades and editions we are looking to provide this next month to prepare for the incoming Destiny House revivalists to feel welcomed and right at home.

·      Replace one washer and dryer

·      Replace one of the queen beds with a new mattress

·      Get 2 new dressers

·      Large patio set with chairs and tables for outside meetings and chill space

·      Install 2 overhead microwaves on different floors so the girls can have more counter space and not so crowded kitchen

·      Install new inductive wall heaters in the bedrooms so girls don’t freeze at night

These projects will cost around $3,500 to complete and we would like to have these done before the girls move in mid-August.


Just the Beginning

We feel that God wants to expand and deepen our movement with good stewardship and strategy for the future. The total for these 3 priorities comes out to around $15,000.

*Beyond this, we have many other dreams we will be prayerfully pursing for Destiny House including a ministry trip to be a part of Awaken the Dawn and The Call DC in October, a mission trip to Mozambique, Africa in November where Heidi personally asked me to come out and teach at the school there, a salary or partial salary for me to become sustainable leading Destiny House, Home of Peace retreat, core retreat, Destiny House conference, other ministry/mission trips, recording a Destiny House CD, a new bongo drum, and more. We feel that after reaching the first 3 goals listed earlier, we will be freer to go after more of what God has for us around the corner.

How You Can Partner

Help Destiny House get to the next level. Please pray about sponsoring my impossible dream of climbing Mount Shasta. The funds will be used to target our 3 priorities right now which will contribute to helping us continue to lead people into life-changing encounters with Jesus, raising up a revivalist generation who burn for Jesus, and planting 5,000 worshiping communities around the world who release the love and power of Jesus from a place of intimacy with God and connection with family.

*All donations will be tax-deductible. We can’t make it into this next season shift without your prayers and support.

·      Every donation no matter how small will receive a personalized thank you from our Destiny House family.

·      $500 or more will receive a signed copy of either Spirit Flood or Ignite Azusa, your choice, mention in memo.

·      $1000 or more will receive a signed copy of my new book Walking on Water when it comes out.



Changes at Destiny House

This season we are doing a couple things we have never done before. For the first time in over 5 years of continual corporate worship on Friday mornings at Destiny House, we are temporarily closing down Friday morning worship time for the public. July 28, 2017 will be our last corporate worship session of the summer open to all, after that we will keep you posted when we re-open our doors, likely on Sept 22.

This was a hard decision but something we felt would bear much fruit in the future. We will continue to steward the 100 year vision of worship as family in the house during a different time each week but just with our core leaders and family who live at Destiny House. We feel the need in this season to spend this time to reconnect with each other and dream about the future in a smaller group so that we can step into the next season fully connected and ready to pour out from a place of rest and family. We also want to have a chance to welcome the incoming students who will be living with us in a smaller setting to help them settle in easier and give us a chance to get to know each other more quickly. We highly encourage our extended Destiny House family whom we love so dearly to grab some friends and continue to meet on Fridays to do worship and prayer together so you stay in the similar rhythm for when we open the doors again, likely mid-late September.

We also have another upcoming change we would love your prayers for. As many of you know, a few years ago, we had the opportunity to launch a guy’s partner house called Elisha’s Room under the leadership of Cornelius Quek, a father to Destiny House and the vice President of our non-profit. This year we are also excited to announce that we are launching an official guys Destiny House right next door to the main house where we host our worship times. Felix Fels, one of the BSSM students from my Pioneering Revival class is applying what he has learned to help pioneer this new house, The Father’s Call House. We are so excited and expectant to see God move even more by integrating more brothers in Christ into our community.

Please cover us in prayer as we continue pioneering and seeking to stay true to our core values and convictions of birthing destinies from a place of encounter with God and family.

Fire of God Fall: Destiny House in THAILAND 2017

If you will make room for God, He will come.

This summer June 9-18, 2017, Destiny House family had the privilege of partnering together alongside the saints of God with what He is doing in Asia. Thailand has less than 1% Christians and we had the honor to influence many leaders who will shape the future of Christianity there.

As we began to minister, the overarching prophetic word over the country I kept getting is:

“If you will make space for God, He will make space for you.

If you make room for Him, then He will come."

Most of the trip was about demonstrating what it looks like to wait on God. Most of our sessions included making space for the Holy Spirit to move and then yielding to whatever He was doing. This was revolutionary for many we ministered to as they were used to a set schedule of events with the order of worship, teaching, and then ministry. We were able to cultivate a space for them to simply Encounter the living God.Here’s a brief recap of our trip.


CHIANG MEI: Fire of God Come

The Friday night (June 9, 2017) we met with the leaders and missionaries God crashed in a powerful way. There was a Holy stillness as we waited upon God and simply sat at His feet with our only agenda to encounter and love Him together. The glory of God increased and people were marked by His presence that evening. 

After this session where I called people to commit to get reconciled with anyone whom they felt the Holy Spirit highlighted, the man in the red shirt called his daughter and was reunited together after 2 years apart!

After this session where I called people to commit to get reconciled with anyone whom they felt the Holy Spirit highlighted, the man in the red shirt called his daughter and was reunited together after 2 years apart!

This missionary couple told me that they've been in a desert and the night we ministered was the first time they were able to drink in 15 years.

This missionary couple told me that they've been in a desert and the night we ministered was the first time they were able to drink in 15 years.

The Saturday we got to enjoy a time of play which included riding elephants, floating down a river on a raft, trekking to find a waterfall, and playing in the rain!!!

Sunday (June 11, 2017) we had the privilege of blessing the children and then I released a message about how it's all about Jesus. 

In the afternoon, our team split up to each lead a separate home group. Daystar imparted a heart for missions to the children, Glory and Leah activated the youth in the prophetic, Amy raised up evangelists, Tamra prayed for everyone and they were healed and also baptized in the Holy Spirit, and I equipped the leaders in how to position their hearts to steward and welcome the incoming revival.

That evening the pastors took our team out to a fancy restaurant with the coolest bathrooms you ever did see. What a gift to have Ark, Matthew & Grace, and Ark's parents who are the pastors welcome is in. It immediately felt like family and was so special. We love them dearly and will return one day soon.


BANGKOK: Human Trafficking


Tuesday (June 13, 2017) we had the privileged to meet at the office of and with the directors of A21, Malina and Steph and hear their hearts and personal stories of rescuing people out of Human trafficking, especially but not limited to children. My eyes were opened in a new way and we were all marked at their hearts and all they are doing to love and rescue the least of these. Definitely a worthwhile investment in anyone has a heart for this area and can't make it to the field yet or if you feel to volunteer, they are looking for people to help so they can rescue more children.

NightLight Bangkok

Wednesday we had the opportunity to lead a chapel service at NightLight which is a ministry based in the Red Light district that helps women get out of prostitution and into Jesus. During worship, we ministered to the girls as the Holy Spirit led and I can remember simply hugging one of the girls there and she just wept in my arms. It was so profound; I felt so blessed to have the privilege to cover her in the love of God. No words were needed. She felt God's embrace through me, and I wept too. What an honor. After worship, I did an altar call with the staff there, many of them who once used to be on the streets and some not yet Christians, and a girl named Jen got saved!!! 

We later got to minister as a team alongside the founders Annie and Pun to a couple women in more depth which was beautiful to see their countenance change as peace came into their hearts. Our whole team was marked by God's heart for these women and others. We are so thankful to Pu who did BSSM who connected us with these ministries. She is a special one and a true gift to Thailand!



It was a pleasure to return to UCC, where I spoke one year ago and God marked them. We did a Friday (June 16, 2017) evening session for the leaders then a Saturday session and Sunday church. Friday I shared about Exodus 33 and how we don't want a revival if He's not in it. It was such an honor to have Ju back again this year as my translator once again, she flows so well with the Holy Spirit and we had such a blast ministering together.

It was also so special to have my brother and his wife and my baby nephew join us for the service! While I was staying with my family in Bangkok, I got to see adorable baby Luke take some of his first steps. So fun!!!

At the service, Amy called out words for healing and we believe many were touched powerfully by God during that time. During testimony time one girl said how last year when I was there that was the first time she encountered God. It was her birthday next week and she had prayed for me to come back. So precious!!! We are super grateful to Annie our incredible hostess and Obey and the team for having us back at UCC.

With my translator Ju, BSSM student from Thailand Pu, and Amy from Destiny House family ministering at UCC.

With my translator Ju, BSSM student from Thailand Pu, and Amy from Destiny House family ministering at UCC.



And because after serving hard it's important to play and celebrate all that God has done and like God Himself did when He took a Sabbath rest, a few of us flew to Bali to soak in God's love at the beach there. Super fun times. We got a free upgrade in our hotel from friend I met there last year that works at hotel. We also had honor of meeting Paula who has lived in Bali 9 years and runs Bali Surf House that welcomes Christians who have a heart for the island. She invited us to come back and minister so we now have another great excuse to return to Bali.

Thanks for everyone's love, prayers, financial investment, and support. You make a huge difference and we couldn't have made it without you. You were a part of every breakthrough, encounter, salvation, healing, friendship born, and seed planted. There's many more testimonies and stories to come but wanted to give you a little snapshot of some highlights. Thanks again!! With love,

Jen and the Destiny House family


Ministering together at the church in Chiang Mai

Secrets to Walking in Peace

As Thanksgiving is upon us, I have been reflecting upon the topic of giving thanks and have been overwhelmed with gratitude for all that the Lord has done through the years. I have been reminded of the Lord’s grace, kindness, and provision. I have recognized that I am usually a lot happier and more peaceful when I’m thankful and when I focus on what the Lord is doing rather than on what He’s not.

Azusa Now: A Tipping Point for the Next Great Awakening

Azusa Now: A Tipping Point for the Next Great Awakening

Azusa Now was not just another Christian worship event. Deep wells of the Azusa Street Revival, which birthed over half a billion Christians and has spread to nearly every country in the world over the past century, were accessed on Saturday.