Commitment to Community

Each person who partners to run with us while living at Destiny House Redding for a season, commits to the following:

-Seek after God with all your heart (Psalm 27) and live in uncompromising surrender to Him

-Follow your heart and take risks to fulfill your God-given destiny

-Cultivate a heart of worshipping God in all circumstances (Habakkuk 3:17-19 & 2 Chronicles 20)

-Never let the sun go down on your anger but communicate quickly to keep unity (Ephesians 4:25-27)

-Read the foundational books Silver to Gold, Ignite Azusa, Destiny House, and Walking on Water before moving in or shortly after

-Participate in Friday morning worship times 8:45-11:30am and be a part of the ministry team

-Set aside Monday nights for family dinners 6:30-10pm

-Be involved in the once a month Saturday night Holy Spirit events

-Complete assigned house cleaning duties once a week and pay rent on time each month

-Agree not to have any alcohol in the house (you can drink responsibly outside of the home if you want)

-Fast on Mondays with the community (we can help you develop this)

-Have fun!