Planting a Destiny House

Imagine living in a city where every Monday night, people are gathered in their homes to dine together and share life in the context of family. What if every Friday around the city, there were small gatherings of people who live together and do life together, congregating in their homes for the sole reason of encountering God? What if this happened not just with homes in our city but in our region? What if this rhythm of meeting together as family on Mondays and worshipping Jesus on Fridays in the home became a pattern of life in the whole state of California or even the United States? What if you went to Germany on a Friday and got invited into someone’s home for an evening of worship and there discovered a tribe of Jesus lovers who intentionally are unified to release revival together?

Join our dream to launch 5,000 worshipping communities around the world. As a disclaimer, we are not trying to replace the church in any way, but we want to be the church 24-7 as a lifestyle (Acts 2) and also support the local churches in our areas. These worship communities are in addition to and in close partnership with the local church.

For those who want to join us on this mandate to launch 5,000 worshipping communities around the world, there are three levels you can be involved in with us. We want to plant these communities from a place of relationship so if you are able, come and join us for a Friday morning worship or one of our conferences to learn our DNA.


1. Friends of Destiny House

Take our simple model of family and worship, adapt it to your environment, and run with it, just call it something else.


2. Partners with Destiny House

Do a family dinner one night a week and an open worship gathering with your community once a week or do these on the same night. It is highly suggested that the key leader or leaders of this community read the foundational books Silver to Gold, Ignite Azusa, Walking on Water, Destiny House, and Life on Wings and be in regular connection with Destiny House leadership. Support and training for the leaders may be available.  We would love to pray for you on a Friday and see you soar. However, because you have not gone through the training, please call your community something other than Destiny House at this time.


3. Planting an official Destiny House and using our name

We want other Destiny Houses to be launched by those we know, trust, and who have gone through our training or run with us for a season at Destiny House Redding. These communities will have all members in their home read the foundational books Silver to Gold, Ignite Azusa, Walking on Water, and Destiny House, and they will meet each week for family dinner and once a week host a worship meeting or do these together on the same night. Most, but not all, official Destiny Houses that get launched will be from people who have lived at Destiny House Redding, who have been through our training, or who have run with us for a season here. The leaders of these official Destiny Houses will also receive more leadership training, connection, and special invitations. These communities will share our DNA but the shape, scope, and manifestation of these communities will look different from each other depending on the culture where they are planted and the vision of the leaders.