Our dream is to launch people into their destinies from a place of intimacy with God and connection with community.

Our heart is expressed in the following ways:

Writing in the glory

From a place of intimacy with Jesus and being overshadowed by God's glory, we seek to inspire people to live from their hearts to create works that will impact the world. Get ACTIVATED.

Jennifer a. miskov

Jen loves to create space for the Holy Spirit to move and partner together to help lead people into Defining Moments. Invite Jen to speak MINISTER.


Revival is birthed and stewarded in family. Our dream is to catalyze 5,000 worshiping communities around the world to bring breakthrough into destiny from a place of living in God's glory and uniting as family. See our VISION.


Filmed on location in MAUI, join Jennifer A. Miskov, Ph.D. on a journey deeper into the heart of God. Based on her book Walking on Water, Jen shares her heart and story in a way that will compel you to burn for Jesus like never before. Join the Encounter today!